Satyromania & Nymphomania- Causes and Therapy for Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is what we can also call hypersexuality or sexual dependency. An individual is considered to have a sexual addiction when he or she is unable to function properly at work or at home due to uncontrollable sexual urges and thoughts. These urges, thoughts and sometimes even actions affect the way the individual handles personal relationships and even destroys their usual daily routine. Just like any other form of addiction, sexual addiction can also be very harmful to the addict’s life and health.
Satyromania is the term used for hypersexuality in men, while nymphomania is what we call the condition in women. Sexual addiction may come in different forms and could be caused by different traumatic events in a person’s life. A detailed discussion about the causes and treatments for sexual addiction will be provided in this article.

Causes of Sexual Addiction

addiction pic






There have been several claims by professionals about how a person gets sexual addiction. Out of all the reasons out there, most people who admit to being a sex addict claim to have undergone sexual abuse at one point in their lives. Although it has not been medically proven that sexual abuse results in sexual addiction, it is considered a big factor in a person’s response to sex. Being through a traumatic experience can change a person’s view of a specific act or thing, in this case, sex.
While most sexual abuse victims steer away from any sexual interaction, there are some who develop a different way to cope with the trauma. Being introduced to sexual actions by force or unexpectedly can trigger someone to think of it differently, some can develop apathy to their partners and would just like to indulge in sexual acts without any other factors like emotions or attraction. There are others who develop the urge to gratify themselves with masturbation all the time. Just like other addictive drugs, some people use the euphoric effect of sex to escape any emotional distress they are in. Whichever way sexual addiction develops in someone; it will always be harmful to their well-being.
There are also certain studies that connect sexual addiction to anatomy. It is said that sexual urges are controlled by certain parts of the brain and chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters or changes can affect it. Serotonin and Dopamine are some of the well-known neurotransmitters that help regulate our moods, appetite, behaviour and sexual desire. Although they are not yet 100% proven to cause sexual addiction, scientists and doctors around the work continue to study these neurotransmitters and how they affect a person with a sexual addiction.


We can say that sexual interaction is one of the most enjoyable things on this planet. Some might even consider themselves addicted to sex because of their heightened sex drive. So how would you know if you really are becoming or already a sexual addict? In case of doubt, you should never hesitate to counsel with a psychologist for help in relation to any addiction. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Learn about sex addiction here and watch out for and know when to get help.

Activities and behaviours associated with sexual addiction:

    • Masturbating compulsively regardless of the event and place
    • Multiple sexual partners and apathetic sex like one night stands
    • Pornography obsession
    • Disregard for safe and responsible sex
    • Cybersex with multiple partners
    • Prostitution for self-gratification and not for profit
    • Being an exhibitionist
    • Unable to contain sexual urges and advances in the wrong venue and at the wrong people
    • Not gaining emotional satisfaction from sexual relationships
    • Feeling guilty and shameful after sexual acts
    • Disregards financial problems because of sexual urges
    • Has not taken own physical wellbeing into account
    • Prefers sexual contact or acts overwork, social activities and other life priorities
    • Feeling anxious, angry and impatient when sexual urges cannot be satisfied.These are just some symptoms an individual should be worried about. Some might argue that some of the symptoms listed above are normal, anything excessive is not healthy.

So if you do feel that you’ve experienced or known someone with these symptoms, it is always best to get help.

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

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People with sexual addiction are difficult to treat unless they are self-aware. Just like in other forms of addiction like substance abuse and alcoholism, most sexual addicts are in denial. Those who care about the person with sexual addiction like family and friends should be very careful in offering help. Sexual addicts are afraid to be judged and might just cause them to spiral deeper into their addiction.

Here are some treatments or activities that can help sexual addicts recover:

        • They can join self-help organizations just like how alcoholics join AA meetings. Find a local organization in your area and contact them. Some organizations offer 12-step programs to help an individual recover from sexual addiction.
        • An individual can also choose to be treated in residential treatment centres. There are many sexual addiction treatment centres around the globe and anyone can choose to be committed in-patient or have out-patient treatment from addiction therapists.
        • Another known therapy is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. It basically teaches the patient to refocus his energy on other thoughts and activities with the help of tools and new techniques. It helps people with sexual addiction avoid relapse and learn how to behave in situations that might cause them to increase their sexual urges.
        • Families or partners can also choose to undergo counselling so that the person with a sexual addiction can talk about what causes them stress and why they focus on sexual interaction.

With all these types of treatments, nothing is more important than the support and acceptance of the person’s family, friends and partners.


Sexual addiction is indeed a very sensitive topic. Although some people might not be comfortable talking about this, it has affected a lot of lives today. Always keep an open mind when discussing sexual addiction and not shrug it off as something perverse. Some people really need help and understanding from the people around them to overcome this addiction. Be on the look-out for unusual sexual behaviours and choose the best option to help that person. If you suspect someone or yourself of having sexual addiction keep in mind that there are many ways to take control of your life. Build a better world of understanding for those who struggle with sexual addiction.

9 Health benefits of Organic Food

Natural sustenance is nourishment that is created by techniques that consent to guidelines of natural cultivating. Models shift from district to area around the world. Be that as it may, the practices have similar general highlights in growing.
“Natural” alludes to the way ranchers develop and process farming items. Natural agriculturists utilize hones that empower soil and water protection and decrease contamination.

Natural Food Production

Utilizing regular manures like excrement or fertilizer to support soil and plants -Utilizing regular predators, (for example, creepy crawlies, 8-legged creature, and different creatures), organic control operators (great microscopic organisms and parasites), mating interruption or traps, and concentrated cultivating practices to lessen the occurrence of nuisances and ailments
Giving creatures natural encourage and free going (access to outside)Natural and GMOs- Hereditarily altered life forms not utilized as a part of natural items. Ranchers who hone natural agriculturists can’t plant GMO planting materials and naturally oversaw domesticated animals can’t expend GMO bolster.

Naturally created sustenance is significantly more costly than your everyday items. Here are a few reasons why.


Organic Food Expensive-why?

More work for makers

Economically created chemicals like pesticides and composts make crafted by ordinary cultivating less work escalated. In any case, with the nonappearance of these, the work cost is higher.

Higher Post-collect is taking care of the cost.

Traditional or non-natural deliver isn’t given a great deal of post-collect taking care of that natural items are provided.


Getting confirmed for agriculturists who do original creation is no modest or straightforward undertaking. Beside putting resources into cultivating tasks, offices and hardware and generation strategies, the agriculturist needs to pay for a yearly assessment and affirmation charge. The issue is just 0.9 percent of overall aggregate farmland is utilized for natural creation.

Which are natural sustenance that you can eat

cherry tomato

  • Grapes
  • Kale/Collard Greens
  • Peaches
  • Cucumbers
  • Summer Squash
  • Celery
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Hot Peppers
  • Apples
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Nectarines(imported)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • These ordinarily developed products of the soil, then again, are produced with low pesticides, so they are viewed as spotless:


      • Cabbage
      • Sweet Corn
      • Eggplant
      • Kiwi
      • Avocado
      • Mushrooms
      • Sweet Peas
      • Sweet Potatoes
      • Mango
      • Onion
      • Asparagus
      • Papaya
      • Pineapple
      • Grapefruit
      • Melon

    9 Benefits of Organic Food

    organic fruit and veggie box
    1.Less danger of anti-microbial protection.

    Anti-microbial protection can build your odds of getting the ailment. On account of pathogens are reinforced and are not influenced by anti-infection agents any longer. Anti-microbial security is something that naturally delivered nourishment sidesteps.

    2. More substantial amounts of against oxidants.

    When something delivered usually, there is a more elevated amount of cell reinforcements created. The number of cells like this will expended, and the nearness of cancer prevention agents is excellent.

    3. Lesser odds of getting hypersensitivities.

    The unnatural large-scale manufacturing of traditionally created cultivate items utilizes chemicals that may trigger sensitivities. In an original setup, this is non-existent.

    4. Lesser odds of getting heftiness and sort two diabetes

    The chemicals and hormones utilized as a part of an ordinary generation, like this, can be passed on the item and devoured by individuals. Non-OrganicFood prompts higher odds of getting stoutness and sort two diabetes. Diabetes 2 type does not occur in naturally delivered sustenance.

    5. Lesser odds of getting cardiovascular maladies.

    There is a propensity for non-natural sustenance to have higher fat and calories. Fat and calories can prompt a more top occasion of cardiovascular illnesses. In natural nourishment, this isn’t the situation.

    6. Better general nourishment.

    Customarily developed sustenance is created in the dirt where the supplements are everything except gone. Natural food has nourishment stick pressed in it. Likewise, naturally formed meat is less fatty with more advantageous fat.

    7. Higher Quality of meat, dairy, and create.

    Expectedly created meat has creatures brought floundering up in their waste. Additionally, antimicrobial and drugs drew into creatures tend to influence the nature of the meat.

    8. Lesser odds of getting the sustenance borne sickness.

    With the elevated expectations of getting naturally created nourishment up and running, you can make sure of the quality. First class post-reap hones that incredibly diminishes the odds of getting foodborne diseases.

    9. No GMO’s.

    GMO’s are not by any stretch of the imagination safe. The control is as yet not clear. However, natural nourishment is a suitable method to realize that what you are expending isn’t hereditarily altered.

Why motorbikers hearts are racing for Inline-4 engines?

An engine is something from where a motorbike gets its character, which is why it’s often called as its soul. Engines today are available in lots of varieties, especially in the racing realm. Some of them are considered extraordinary probably because they’re either groundbreaking or deliver enough power to the wheels to move the earth laid down under them. In this post, we’ve outlined a rundown of inline-4 engines and why they’re becoming the engine of choice for motorbikes.


The history

In motorbike history, the inline-4 engines were being fitted very early. Though some early motorbikes were developed using “boxer” twin, there were bikes being manufactured in the US and Europe with inline-4 engines right at the beginning of 20th century. The company that is credited with the first production of an operable inline-4 engine was FN Herstal (a Belgian arms manufacturer) that had been manufacturing motorbikes since 1901. They came up with the first inline-4 in 1905. It looks more like a stretched bicycle with its engine hanging from the frame’s bottom tube with the cylinders going up by the side of the bottom tube. The initial FN Fours were started by pedalling them until the engine could start and were single speed. The bike had a 2-speed gearbox by 1908, which was soon followed by a 3-speed one. Soon, the FN Four gained its fame amongst motorbikers for its high capacity, and it became the fastest motorbike in the world by 1911.

How Japanese technology is more straightforward and offers higher value.

Japanese bike

Today, Japan has become one of the giants in the motorcycle market worldwide, thanks to being home to 4 of the most prominent motorcycle companies of the world namely Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. After dominating the market for decades, now Japan’s motorbike manufacturers are revving up to produce road-ready bikes based on AI (artificial intelligence) and robotic systems, promising a new beginning in two-wheeled transportation. The recent revealing by Honda Motor Co. – the concept bike equipped with Riding Assist self-balancing is designed to stay upright at very minimum speeds and to follow the rider at almost a walking pace. It’ll lower the risk of low-speed falls from the rider’s handling or vehicle wobbling. Another one in the “Big 4”, the Yamaha Motor Co. has taken motorcycle tech to a different level, with the development program to create a robotic rider with the ability to steer a bike similar to a professional racer. With implementations of such advanced technologies, it can be said that the Japanese technology is focusing on more safer and efficient motorbikes to be seen on the road in the future.

Popular Bikes

Popular bikes

The motorbike industry is cranking out lots of less expensive, smaller bikes these days and some great deals are available in plenty on many coolest and newest models. Here’re some of the latest machines that not only pack lots of value but are great to ride too.
2018 BMW R Nine T Pure: These retro-styled roadsters are surely the most adorable bikes in the BMW line. With a base price of $11,995 these are quite affordable to everyday riders compared to expensive BMW models. What’s missing in this mirror of sheer 70’s and 80’s BMW is big brakes, the Ohlins suspension and some brightwork.
2018 Kawasaki Z650: It’s a sportbike in disguise because it comes with a same parallel twin engine and a chassis of Ninja 650. This 400-pound machine provides strong midrange thrust, which is quite helpful for both downtown and backroad commute. With a base price of $7,000, this bike could be ideal for riders of smaller stature as the seat height is as low as 30.9-inch.
2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob: Harley developed this lighter, all-new chassis with better lean angles. As a result, this motorbike offers the custom Softail look reminiscent of the old Softail coupled with Dyna’s sportier ride. The base price of the Street Bob is $14,500, making it the least expensive way to get a Softail.

Customer Satisfaction

The extremely popular, fast-revving, smooth inline-4 is the universal engine architecture that powers majority of the sports bikes. Since its inception in the late 1960s, the design became tremendously popular among the Japanese motorbike manufacturers because of its excellent performance, ease of production and reliability. Today, almost any Japanese sportbike is powered by the inline-4 engine as well as the massive majority of road racing bikes in any superbike or supersport class. Motorbike riders love this engine because of its cranked out big horsepower, particularly at high RPMs, smooth power delivery, the simplicity of engine architecture and fast-revving strength.

The Future

Future bike model

Although big engines will continue to be the reserve of more high-performance or opulent variants, affordable motorbikes for the rest of the riders don’t have to put an end to inline-4 engines. Even if you’re to insist on downsizing engines, reducing a cylinder seems to take things to another level that can give a strong torque or slug for a quick pick-up. On the other hand, with inline-4s, you won’t find that warbling soundtrack or enthusiastic personality that comes with a three-cylinder unit. Because some of the loveliest engines comprise of an odd number of cylinders, there’s no actual reason for motorbike manufacturers to move from the inline-4, considering the ease of pairing it with any number of drivetrain combinations and fitting it into any layout. There’s relatively little engineering advantages or power gains to be experienced by going through the hazards of adding another cylinder, and it would also become difficult to market an engine with one less cylinder too. In the meanwhile, the above mentioned “rightsizing” trend will experience bike manufacturers resorting to their engines with more advanced technologies like triple injection, electric turbochargers or cylinder cut-off to attain the optimal efficiency at every engine load, instead of developing the displacement of the upcoming engines.
Finally, it can be concluded that in the foreseeable future, the inline-4 engine is here to stay, which makes them more unique and affable in the future world of racing.

Why Standing desk options still a fringe perk in Australian workplace?

Be comfortable to use a Standing desk is when you are on a stool that is high, or you are standing. It is no surprise that the design of the desk is supposed to work that way. Generally, in the past, you would associate the stools with the wealthy people. It was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Many influential people known for using Standing Desks include Albert Camus, Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson among others. These were prolific and the well respected. In the world today they are all over, and in fact, most employees consider it a perk due to the health benefits you get from using the desk.

The office furniture set also comes in varying heights ranging from twenty-eight inches to fifty inches respectively. It should, however, provide some comfort to the person who is using it. You can get others that you can adjust depending on your height. It fits very well to serve every kind of height. All this is to make sure the benefits spread to every user. You may come across such a seat and fail to use it to fit your height. Where do you press for you to use the chair? The chair has points of adjustments at the legs or a specific surface angle. You can also incorporate a platform that could be used to increase the height of the already existent desk.

Why do most of the Australian worker take the presence of standing office as a fringe? Are there some benefits you accrue when you use the desk? Here are some of the benefits of the Standing desk that makes every Australian feels proud to possess in the office.
Standing Desks are available in different types and designs. You can get customised stool according to your instructions. It also depends on the specific tasks you want the seat to serve you. You can use some while standing whereas others can be used while sitting but on high desks. Some standing offices are made with drawers for storage and rails for increasing foot comfort. You can always tailor your office furniture according to your needs, says director Frank Gessler of Home & Office Made Easy, a reputed furniture store.  After all, you spend tons of hours of your week on that desk than you do elsewhere. Visit website for specialized and tailor-made furniture, and over 15 years of expertise in the business.

When you stand for a long time your calories burned. An individual using a Standing Desk can consume an excess of calories ranging from 306 up to 750 in a week given a mean daily standing period of 180 minutes for just five weekdays. This data is from a study in the year 2012. It was comparing young adults who worked while sitting versus those who worked standing.


The Benefits Of Standing Desk

standing desk









Standing reduces the risks of getting heart diseases. People who sit for the better part of the day are at the same risk level of contracting heart diseases like those who smoke, as was discovered during a Mayo Clinic study. You can count your self out of killer diseases such as thrombosis and heart attack.

Every person would want to have to have excellent body posture. Your shoulders and neck neither strain nor experience any discomfort hence no headaches. Poor body postures cause strain and resultantly headaches.

They prevent leg pain associated with prolonged sitting. Standing desks, blood stands to flow freely all over your body to include even the legs! All the way to the toes! It is not like in the case of working while sitting, where it gets to the point that the arteries and veins underneath the thighs until you press down so hard that you even begin to feel pain.

Increase productivity at work. With increased blood flow all over the body, oxygen is equally delivered to all muscles in great portions hence increased energy. According to a study done by Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, there can be up to 46% rise in productivity if you work standing.
Considerably delay the process of aging. With Standing Desks, expect a longer life. The human body was not meant for stationery but to be active. Working while standing engages all the body parts positively while reducing risks of exposure to several diseases.
They help in weight reduction. Burning calories that would have instead just lain in your body is the point here. LPL is an enzyme in the human body which works by eliminating fat from blood, but only when the body is active. Prolonged sitting inactivates LPL, hence its inability to perform its duty of fat elimination.
Using Standing Desks is a form of work out in itself. Your body is wholly and actively engaged the whole day, a primary form of exercising. All this is not like in the case of sitting which might even lead to particular body parts sagging like the stomach.
They give the feeling of having power and boosts one’s confidence. According to a study done by Columbia and Harvard University, those who work while standing has a 45% increase in trust during decision making and felt highly robust compared to those who work seated.

Be sure to have less stress. Users of standing desks have reduced stress levels and are profoundly calm. The posture you get here does not allow you to get intimidation. Together with breathing in deeply, makes tension go away.

You bet a better mood. Standing and production of endorphins go hand in hand which works to make you feel nice. Literally, the higher you go, the more relaxed it becomes, from an attitude point of view. Get up and stand up, stand up for your moods!
Spinal health is at its best. With working while standing, no pressure gets on your spine compared to sitting that exerts up to 90% more.
Increased lung capacity. When you use standing desks, your lungs retain the elongated position which ensures more oxygen, resultantly better functioning of your physical and mental beings.

What are bike frames made of?

People are fond of biking, and they find it an excellent way to exercise and stay fit. Cycling can also be a fun leisure activity that you can do with friends and family. You can cruise around your local parks, and you won’t have to spend too much on your bike. Cycling as a sport has grown over the years and manufacturers came up with different kinds of designs and styles, including mountain bikes and cruisers. Serious cyclists spend more money on their bikes that they can use for a creek crossing, jumping and hill biking.

If you are considering buying a bike, you need to know what kind of activity you will be using it. Many retailers can help you find the right one for you to enjoy your cycling activity even more. There are smaller units that come in 14-inch frames for children an there are 22-inch frames that are meant for adults. You also have the option to buy second-hand bikes to save some money and if you do not have the budget for a more expensive bicycle. Tandem bikes are also gaining popularity, and it is mostly purchased by recreational riders wherein two people can ride together in one unit.

Bicycles that are custom-built are not uncommon since people have different preferences. These kinds of bikes are specially made for all types of terrain, and you can use it for road and mountain riding. Mountain bikes are popular with off-road riders, and they are made especially for dirt trails, and it can take the abuse of riding through rocks and jumping. These kinds of bikes have shock absorbers on both the rear and the front part, and the frame is very sturdy that it can withstand any abuse in riding any environment. Road bikes have a more lightweight structure, and they are built to ride for long distance biking. These kinds of bikes are best ridden on smooth pavement.

Most bike manufacturers make different kinds of bike frames, including steel, carbon, aluminium, titanium and even magnesium. Let’s have a look at their advantages when used as bike frames.



Steel is the oldest material that was used for bike frames. In the past days, steel bike frames are hefty, but today they weigh less because of technological progress. Steel bike frames are more difficult to make which makes it more expensive depending on the tubing used in manufacturing it. The joints of these bikes are more resistant since they are more durable.

Steel framed bikes are very heavy, and they have a high chance of rusting if they are not appropriately treated. They can get rusty if you do not take care of it and if you leave it out in the rain. It can also bend and deform thus affecting the performance of the bicycle.

The advantages of having steel framed bicycles are that they are more durable. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are that they are more expensive compared to the aluminium framed bikes. Some of the best models include Bombtrack Hook EXT and Colnago Master X-Light.


Aluminium is more comfortable compared to steel, and it makes the bike more shock resistance because of its weight. This is the reason why this is most commonly used materials in building bikes. These kinds of bikes come in various price ranges. Just like steel, there are different kinds of qualities of aluminium tubing. One of the downsides of aluminium frames is that it can develop stress cracks over time and since it has a limited fatigue life.

For those bikers who ride hard, they seldom make use of aluminium framed bikes because it can shorten the lifespan of the bicycle. Aluminium is a soft metal, and this is the reason why the tubes used on the bikes are somewhat oversized to have more strength. I can also lead to a harsher ride, and it can lead to fatigue and discomfort when you engage in long trips. Since aluminium can be welded, it is best used for full suspension and road bikes. Some of the best brands are Trek and Mason Cycles.

Carbon Fiber

Caron fibre s a composite material which is a woven fabric moulded with high-tech plastic. Since it can behave, however, it is manufactured and engineered. Carbon fibre frames are designed to have a stiff torsion to give more comfort to the rider. The options and availability of shapes of carbon fibre frames are limitless. Just like aluminium, carbon fibre frames are best used for mountain bikes, and it is probably the best choice when it comes to performance. It is lightweight and can provide maximum power transfer while providing a smooth riding experience.

The downside of carbon fibre frames is the durability of the material and the cost. While it can withstand long rides on smooth surfaces, the carbon fibre tubes cannot withstand hard impacts and can crack. It is recommended to be used for mountain bikes that are ridden on road pavements. Some of the best bikes include 2014 Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber 55CM Bike, Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike, Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike Shimano Sora Silver 50cm and Diamondback 2012.

Titanium C

Titanium C is also a lightweight material for mountain bike frames. If you want an overall performance, then this material is the best choice. Most professional cyclists prefer to use this kind of stuff for their bikes.

Choose the bike based on your activities.

bike photo

Each material has its upsides and downsides; the rider should purchase a bike that suits his needs and activities. Different elements of frames provide various levels of performance. The materials also determine the price of the bike. Just always remember that the structure is one of the essential parts of a bicycle ad it should be sturdy to withstand hard bumps and impacts.

You should also choose a frame that is lightweight so that you can enjoy your ride without feeling discomfort and lessen your fatigue. If you are going to use the bike for competition, you should purchase a more expensive one. It is a thing that is worth your investment most especially if you are serious about cycling.

Why Shapewear Camis & Tanks Are A Bonus?

Shapewear camisoles, also called the shapewear camis, have taken the fashion world by storm, and it’s clear to see why. When you have this shapewear on, it’s like someone has ironed you out and smoothened every lump in your body. It works well that several Hollywood celebrities have also gotten into the shapewear craze to look great on the red carpet. Because of its popularity, you will now find a seemingly endless array of shapewear camis in different fabric and styles. So how do you figure out the right one? Read on to find out more about the shapewear cami as well as some tips on how to choose the correct fit.

What Is a Shapewear Cami/tank top?

shape-wear camisoles

Aside from the shapewear cami, you will find several other styles of shapewear. There’s the corset style shapewear, bodysuits, waist cinchers, and many more. But what is a shapewear cami and how does it differ from the rest?
From the name itself, the shapewear cami is a camisole, an undergarment that’s worn to cover the top part of the body. Just like the other types of shapewear, the shapewear cami helps to smoothen out your body, most specifically the upper area, thus, your tummy will look flat when you wear your dress on.
The shapewear camis are more comfortable to wear as compared to a full body control shapewear. They are a great choice if you are wearing a tight fitting dress that’s tight at the top and flared at the bottom. Shapewear camis also work great with a fitted top and can be worn along with jeans, trousers or skirt.

Current Trends in Shapewear Camis & Tanks

As mentioned, you’ll find that there are now plenty of shapewear camis in different styles and fabric. Bfree, an Australian brand has shapewear made of natural bamboo fibre for ultimate comfort. View collection to check out the latest trends that will transform your physique.

Open-Bust Cami– this shapewear is made from a comfortable, lightweight and double layer fabric. The first layer has a 360-degree shaping power while the second layer helps to conceal the lumps and bumps. Since it has an open bust design, you are free to wear your bra to go with this cami.

Convertible Cami – this shapewear cami has the best base layer ever. It’s made from fabric that has enhanced breathability, excellent absorbency, and high wicking. The shapewear also comes with convertible and adjustable straps, and thus, you can wear it in several different ways, and in whatever style you feel comfortable.

Waist Cincher Top – this body-shaping top acts as a waist cincher through its powerful microfiber fabric. It also features flexible boning on its sides, which aims to flatten the tummy while also providing a free and comfortable fit.

In + Out Tank – this is a body smoothing top that you can wear in any season and is a wardrobe favourite. You can wear it on its own in summer or wear a blazer over it during winter! This body-shaping camisole is truly versatile.

Tips When Buying the Shapewear Cami

shapewear cami

Aside from the shapewear cami mentioned above, several other styles are worth checking out. So how do you decide which shapewear will work best for your body? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Whether you buy online or from a store, make sure you choose something that fits you right. A quick waist and hip measurement can significantly help in making sure that you are buying the right size. It’s essential that you are realistic about your size. Choosing a smaller size does not mean you can fit yourself into a more modest dress. The primary purpose of the cami is to help smoothen out the lumps of your body, giving you a sleeker and sexier silhouette.
  • Choose medium constriction for smooth lines – if the shapewear you plan on buying did not indicate the performance level on its tag, it would be best to check the clothing label. Remember that the higher the nylon content, the more that the garment can help to alter your shape. Choose the medium constriction for smooth and lump-free lines. On the other hand, go for active compression if you want a total figure transformation.
  • Choose cotton blend shapewear that will keep you fresh – most shapewear camis are made of spandex and nylon, and these are synthetic fabrics that do not breathe. They are great for colder climates, however, during the warmer months, these fabrics will make you sweat more. Thus, if you are going to wear the camisole during the warmer months, opt for summer shapewear that is made of cotton. These fabrics are breathable and have moisture absorption feature, allowing you to stay cool even during the warm weather.

    Why Choose the Shapewear Cami

    shapewear tank tops

    As mentioned, there are several different styles and designs of shapewear that you’ll find being sold nowadays. But of all these, it is the shapewear cami that is often the most popular. There are many reasons why a lot of women would choose the shapewear cami over other types of shapewear.

    First of all, the number one spot that women would like to cover is their tummy. The shapewear camis are aimed at flatting the tummy area, which is why it is perfect if you are wearing tight dresses or top. Also, the shapewear cami looks just like a regular camisole so it’s not only an undergarment for it can be shown and worn just like a regular top. You can wear it along with a pair of jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, or anything you want.
    So if you are looking for shapewear that provides excellent tummy control and can help with bust support as well, the shapewear cami would be perfect. It helps you to look and feel good about yourself, regardless of your size. Since it is very versatile, you can wear it for any occasion, and at any season you want to.
    Hopefully, the tips above can help you in choosing the shapewear cami that can work best for your body. Regardless of the style that you’ll go for, just make sure it’s something that makes you feel comfortable.

With These Bridal Shoes You Can Dance All Night

Wedding shoes are such an important part of any bride’s outfit for the big day. They are the one accessory that is non-negotiable. After all, you do need shoes to wear. It’s important to find shoes that match the dress and the theme of the wedding if there is one. Finding fancy shoes isn’t the hard part though. Instead, it’s choosing the pair you’ll eventually wear. Not only do they have to match the dress, but they also need to be super comfortable too. A bride can spend hours on her feet and will need just the right pair to stand in.
After you’ve chosen your dress, you need to get your shoes as soon as possible. You’ll need to have them when it comes time for you have your wedding dress alterations. If you don’t, you’ll end up with your dress too long, and you’ll have difficulty walking down that aisle. You need those shoes to help make your dress fit perfectly. Also, the best way to make sure that your shoes match your dress is to wear them with your dress during fittings. Always remember to take them along for all your fittings, not just the first one. The bridesmaids should do the same thing; they should be wearing their shoes at all fittings, so make sure they know which ones they need to buy.

Bridal shoes


That’s where local designer showroom comes in. A boutique that specializes in wedding accessories and shoes is a fantastic place to begin. If you’re in the Melbourne area, this is a great place to start your search for the perfect shoes. Even if you aren’t, you can see the selection in their online store. They even have special, online-only sales going on. You just might find exactly what you’re looking for, and for less than their regular price. If you decide to order online, it’s recommended that you order well in advance so that you receive your shoes in plenty of time for your dress fitting. Brides going to speciality showrooms are raving, not only over the service that’s provided but at the selection, not to mention the comfortableness of their shoes. Comfortable shoes are super important for weddings. The bridesmaids need to stay on their feet for hours on your wedding day, so making sure they have the most comfortable shoes you can is really important.
The selection of shoes at the designer boutique is enormous and full of options. All of those shoes are gorgeous. Some of them are a bit edgier; some are super blinged-out with rhinestones covering the entire surface of the shoe. There are some strappy ones for spring and summer weddings, and some that are easily best for fall and winter weddings. There are even jewel embellished options. There is a style to fit all tastes. A bride is sure to find what she’s looking for, not only for herself but all her attendants as well. The mothers of the bride and groom may also like to choose shoes there, depending on their outfit.

bridal heels

Customers are going to purchase wedding shoes are happy with local designer boutiques. There is such an extensive collection of shoes to choose from, not to mention all the other accessories that they carry. The shoes are fantastic, and brides have been flocking there to get their shoes for the big day. And it’s not only brides either. Women going to black tie events are getting their shoes there as well. There truly is a shoe to fit all tastes.
These stores carry a large selection of shoes. The designs are beautiful, and there are even some that are entirely customizable. You can have them dyed in a range of colours, from whites and creams to gold, blue and black. Even the heels can be customized for any style you can imagine. You can get them in flats, medium heels, high heels, stilettos, and wedges. The heels vary in height from flat to 12 cm. There is an additional charge for the modifications, but you’ll have the pair that best suits you, which is, of course, what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask for something specific. If a shoe isn’t available in the colour you want, there are alternatives. Some dress shops will arrange to dye wedding shoes to match a wedding gown or bridal party colours.
Wedding shoe trends for 2018 are varied as well, and the shoes at local boutique fit the bill nicely. There are open toe shoes, closed toe shoes, and even some with platforms. You really can’t go wrong by checking out their selection. The trends this year tend to be all about simple, strappy sandals, and the jewel embellished stilettos. Jewel embellished shoes no matter the style. Anything that makes the shoes stand out. Metallics are popular this year, as well as open-toed flats. The choices are endless. Also on trend for this year are the shoes the bride can and will wear more than once. A lot of the new designs will look fabulous with a great pair of jeans and a cute top, or with that little black dress, you’ve been keeping an eye on. All the more reason to look for a comfortable pair! Who wouldn’t want to go out for the day, or for an evening out, knowing they were wearing their wedding shoes? It’s also a perfect accessory for those date nights with your new hubby. It’s a trend that will hopefully stick around for a while.

wedding stilettos

Make sure you pay a visit to local designer speciality boutiques for those special wedding day shoes. There are so many options; you really can’t go wrong. Plus, there are already so many happy customers, why wouldn’t you want to be one of them? Go to one today and find your perfect Cinderella shoes. Be ready to dance the night away at your wedding and then wear them with your favourite outfit. You’ll feel like a princess all over again.

The Crown War

The Australian design industry hit the headlines as a result of a controversy brought about by two gold crowns, one produced by Jeanette Maree and the other by Viktoria Novak. The head crown, which was the season’s top racing look had an almost a similar look which made Novak take to Instagram to accuse Jeanette of stealing her idea. How true is this? Let’s find out……
Jeanette Maree who is a renowned Australian Bridal designer has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, and her designs portray a person who is attentive to detail, experienced, and passionate. Besides the contested gold crown, Jeanette has made impressive masterpieces for bridal parties, dinner dates, tea parties and even personalized pieces for renowned individuals.
The gold crown made by Jeanette is just one among the many impressive pieces she has made that won her numerous awards. To prove just how committed to her work, Jeanette did not trade words with Novak, and instead, she uploaded an image of her workshop and raw materials which is an indication of just how mature and committed she is to her work.The gold crow made by Jeanette has a theme of Roses whereas Victoria’s crown has a theme of leaves. The only similarity between the crowns is the shape which is not a proof that Jeanette copied her design. Anyone can make a creation that similar in shape to a particular brand and do it in his unique way. It could be right to say that this was mere coincident where both designers came up with a crown that shaped in the same way.

Jeanette Maree & Victoria's photo

By taking a close look at both crowns, you will clearly see the outcome of a creative brain in Jeanette’s masterpiece which does not in any way look like a copy of Viktoria’s crown. A copy would definitely have similar features and design which is definitely not the case here. The gold finish, as well as the metal used in Jeanette’s crown, is also different which puts the credibility of Viktoria’s allegations in doubt.

Customers reviews on Jeanette’s creations

Steph Keogh says he loves Jeanette’s jewellery collection to fit the style of each individual even for those who are not sure of what they want on those special occasions. The attention given by the customer service representatives is an indication that every department in Jeanette’s bridal design company is keen to offer the very best.

customer review






customer feedback






Sierra is another customer who closely followed the allegations aired by Viktoria says that what transpired was an issue of similar thinking by great minds in the fashion industry. She is of the opinion that shape is no one’s copyright and both pieces are original in their way.
Jeanette’s target market is usually bridal parties, and her company is ranked as the top brand in Australia. The company has an extensive online collection where they sell all bridal accessories including earrings, bridal shoes, evening bags, dress trims, bracelets, among others.
Australia is home to some jewellery designers who have also impacted the market. Some of these are Stephanie Browne, Sarah $ Sebastian, Reliqua, Natasha Schweitzer, Holy Ryan, Dinosaur Designs, Christie Nicolaides, and Tania Maras.

Despite being a force to reckon with globally, the Australian fashion industry is never short of controversies. One of the top designers Alannah Hill stepped away from a brand that she launched eighteen years ago. The top-rated designer had been working with the renowned Factory X that is headed by Heeney which has financially backed her brand for the last sixteen years.

Factory X will still operate all the 42 stores owned by Alannah Hill, but the designer says that she will not be designing nor having any form of input on the brand bearing her name. She has not given any reasons for this decision and would not also comment on the same saying that it is a delicate legal matter.
Alannah Hill has further clarified that this is not a break from the industry and neither is she going on holiday. She will still be creating more designer labels which according to her will radiate joy and bring transformation both in life and in the fashion industry.
What waits to be seen is how this controversy between the girlish Allanah hills, who has never stepped out without makeup and the famous Factory X goes. The best news, however, is that you will not have to look for another designer if Alannah Hill is your favourite designer! She will still be designing and what waits to be seen is whether she will open other chains of stores now that she can no longer have anything to do with her 42 stores run by Factory X.

Top designers like Stephanie Browne have seized this opportunity to provide exclusive, original jewellery, especially focused on handmade earrings and wedding crowns.  They sell their authentic high-end design for quite a reasonable price. Whether you know exactly what you want to buy or you need help to select what will go well with your occasion, the Australian fashion industry is never short of labels that will make you stand out. The designers have opened stores online which make it possible to shop from any location around the world and get the goods delivered to you.
The Australian Fashion industry is made vibrant by the way the people live, always in a celebratory mood. This means that most Australians will always be dressed up and this has created a lucrative business opportunity for the fashion designers.
You have to search any Australian label you are looking for, and you will get all you want in a click. With the new young and vibrant designers who are following up on the likes of Jeanette Maree, you will get better designs, and due to the stiff competition, you will never get an Australian design that has been compromised. Instead, the design industry will keep getting better and more sophisticated.

Tailored Security Systems as per your Business Needs

The Importance of Alarm Systems for Commercial Buildings in Australia

The security of your business is a very crucial factor that needs to be considered in the goals and objectives of the business plan. It is a significant issue that needs to be addressed to avoid losses that might come to the business as a result of the theft of finances or assets, which can bring the company to its closure. It can prevent the other goals and objectives of the business from being realised.

Getting the right security alarms and other security systems can help avert huge losses that might come as a result of theft or burglary, especially during Chrismas and New year’s break. The hard done work of the employee is also very crucial since when the criminals manage to enter into the premises, they might end up destroying both the team data and the client’s data, thereby destroying the business and also creating fear among both the customers and the employees.

There are various local companies and organisations in Australia in the security industry that provide different security systems to commercial businesses; they offer security solutions to help prevent the adverse effects that may come along as a result of criminal activities in the retail sector.

Dhillon Networks

Melbourne based Dhillon Networks provides tailored home and commercial security solutions to Victorian residents. Dhillon Networks is one of the fastest growing Australian company, getting popularity due to the quality products and competitive rates. Also, Dhillon Networks is an authorised dealer of Dahua and Hikvision, making it easier for Melbourne residents to get their hands on genuine products. Dahua and Hikvision’s security systems are second to none in providing alarm monitoring systems and CCTV systems to deter theft and destruction of commercial property. They offer tailored solutions to the retail business where they send one of their security alarms systems experts to your business. The security professional comes into your business and discusses with you on the best alarm solutions that your business requires. Dhillon Networks provides a tailored security alarm and other security packages that cover all your commercial security concerns. They provide security solutions in Australia to both small scaled businesses and large-scale businesses including large warehouses.

Some of the security solutions that are provided by Dhillon Networks are multi-area and multi-user alarm systems, where the alarm system can be installed on every strategic position of the business. They also offer motion detectors to sense any movements within the store during non-working hours where if there is any activity, the alarm notifies the owners of some bleach insecurity.

Australia Security Systems

Apart from Dhillon Networks, Australia security systems is another primary provider of security alarm solutions in Australia. This security system provides the cheapest and top quality solutions to security needs. They deliver alarms that are produced using the latest technology, detecting activity as far as 200m. They give a warranty of two years that offers the clients a peace of mind when they purchase security alarms and other security gadgets from the premises.

Australian security systems also offer technical support through the phone, in case the customer is in need of any programming or installation of any alarming kit. They provide high-quality alarm systems that use wireless technology to sense any activity within business premises at non-working hours. The company also offers wireless CCTV cameras that are easy to install, thereby saving the installation fee.

They also offer security alarm system that is controlled by the phone. The security passwords are only accessible only to the owner of the business. Moreover, hence the business proprietor has full control of the security of the commercial enterprise. The security alarm can be armed or disarmed only through the phone, in case of any security breach. The owner has to confirm what is going on on the premises, may even involve some police officers, and only disarm the alarm when everything is back to normal. The commercial business owner also has the privilege of viewing the happenings of the business from the phone. This is possible whether s/he is in the company or at home, this gives the owner the ability to control the company from anywhere and if anything comes up regarding the security breach. The owner triggers the alarm. The alarm system sends a call or a text when violated and gives the owner enough time to respond by calling the police and getting there in good time.

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch is another provider of high-quality security alarms in Australia. Bosch security provides security alarms to businesses at a reasonable price. They offer their security systems that have adopted the latest technology in the security world. They also install a wireless alarm system that detects any activity within 200m around the business, this also gives ample time and space for reaction in case of any bleach. Bosch security also provides video surveillance that is connected to the alarm systems. In fact, the video surveillance detects any movements, and it triggers the alarms and calls for help.

Security Alarm Services

In addition to the above corporations, security alarm services is another provider of security resolutions in Australia. They have adopted advanced security options like wireless connections to make sure that every security need of the consumer is met. They provide one of the best security alarm installations, where the alarms have wireless detectors, security alarm services specifically focus on security alarm systems that have wireless sensors. They also have security wireless sirens and strobes.

Security alarms services also provide quick security services where the mobile phone is used to control the security of your commercial business. The portable telephone is remotely used to control the security system. The company employs an app to monitor not only the security alarms on the market but also all the home security. Making it not just a smart commercial gadget but also a home appliance. The business owners can keep track of not only the industrial security but also the home safety, thereby creating a peaceful attitude wherever they are.

In summary, therefore, the organisations mentioned above are the primary providers of alarm systems for commercial businesses in Australia. They have blended the power of technology with the alarm systems in a bid to satisfy the security requirements of the industrial enterprises in Australia.

Looking for that perfect engagement ring in Australia

Most people buy an engagement ring only once in a lifetime (exceptions expected) and that makes it somewhat more challenging than any other shopping. The challenge can be equal for men and women, but most men may be looking at jewellery to buy, for the first time in life whereas it can be safely assumed that women would have the marginal advantage of having examined some jewellery before they start exploring engagement/wedding rings for their use.

If you take to the digital world, you will find that there is no dearth of advice, the dos and don’ts and so forth. It is essential that you scour through several of them before you formulate some basic thoughts about that perfect engagement ring answering all your aspirations. Therefore, let us quickly go over the different components that go into the perfect ring, apart from the material of construction or price.

silver wedding rings

The first question that comes up is whether there is an alternative to the engagement ring and surprisingly, there is an answer which you may not even have thought of. Given that most men may not be very knowledgeable in the art of jewellery buying, why not think of buying a loose diamond, present it to her at the time of engagement and later visit the same jeweller (preferably) together and choose an engagement ring design that answers her aspirations too.

Another option that can be significantly less challenging for men, in particular, would be to shop together for the engagement ring. This is not only romantic but also the best way of having the cake and eating it too.

The next question that needs an answer is the amount of money that you should spend on your engagement ring. The straightforward answer to this question is, it can be as much or as little as you can afford. There is no golden rule which says that engagement rings should invariably have high-quality diamonds. Nor is there a rule that you should spend a certain percentage of your annual income on the engagement ring. Remember that your engagement is just the beginning of a long journey together and there can be several surprises down the line that could significantly impact your finances.


Another important aspect of your engagement ring is the design aspect, and this is perhaps the easiest part assuming you are not expecting to pack any surprise element into it. By exploring your options using a set of resources available in the digital world, together, or alone, you can zero in on one or more designs that answer nearly everything that you expect in the engagement ring. Remember that diamonds are not the only option and there is a wide range of precious and semi-precious stones to consider. You can make the whole exercise easy and simple with the digital world without the worries of driving around town, parking woes and the cunning salespeople.

The biggest advantage is distraction free shopping in a relatively short span of time. If you cannot zero in on your choice the first time, you can come back for a second, third or countless visits to the digital world and maybe, even find that perfect engagement ring online!

Cushia Whiting

Cushia Whiting is a purveyor of precious stones/gemstones as well as a jeweller creating timeless wedding/engagement rings and other jewellery items. They use world-class materials with a local twist and fine craftsmanship.


The wedding boutique

The Wedding Boutique is located in Paddington Sydney and offers customised advice for the wedding dress and bridal jewellery/bridal accessories.

Mellissa Harris Jewellery

The Sydney based Mellissa Harris Jewellery is internationally acclaimed for over three decades for a wide range of exquisite designs crafted by her. Artisanal, organic and whimsical every piece of jewellery here is handmade with inspiration provided by Mother Nature, and she is known for injecting life into these pieces with impeccable craftsmanship.

Crystal Confetti Bridal

Engagement rings and other jewellery at the Newcastle based Crystal Confetti are inspired by Afroditi Boyd. Their offerings are reminiscent of the old style glamour. Afroditi’s creations follow latest European trends and the dazzling unique ensembles constitute a ‘must have’ range.

Renato jewellers

The family business – Renato Jewellers bring more than six generations of experience, beginning 1958 and enjoy an impeccable reputation as jewellers producing exceptional quality jewellery maintaining the highest level of customised service standards to clients.

Larsen Jewellery

Larsen Jewellery specialises in rings and bridal jewellery. Customers can choose from a wide array of engagement rings, wedding rings, embellishments as well as diamonds. Loose diamonds and coloured gemstones at the affordable price are also among the offerings at Larsen Jewellery.

Hotsy Totsy

Hosty Tosty is an online shopping space for high end sophisticated bridal and fashion jewellery offering a wide range of jewellery. They offer a combination of stylish everyday delicate accessories to absorbingly bold bridal and evening wear.

Cashelle Jewellery Co

Cashelle Jewellery in Penrith is renowned for a wide array of necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, earrings, Concordia pearls, pendants and necklets.

Bell & Brunt

Bell & Brunt, Adelaide offers you the unique experience of being able to design and handcraft wedding/engagement rings with customers choosing their diamonds. Diamond wedding rings are crafted individually, and the same is true of fitted wedding bands, dress rings, pendants, or earrings.