Looking For One of a Kind Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns in Australia?

woman wearing wedding grown with bouquet

Every woman who is bound to walk down the aisle surely intends to make that special day a very memorable event in her life. No bride would want to look ordinary on her big day and nobody would certainly want to get upstaged by just anyone. There is no better way to do this than to do on a bridal gown that signifies class, luxury, and elegance.

While getting a ready-made gown is okay, nothing beats the feeling of having a dress that is specially tailored for you. If you want to feel like a princess who is about to marry her prince, then why not have a custom-made wedding dress that represents your beauty and grace. Hire a designer who will not only make you feel like royalty but will also make you look like one. At a unique day like your wedding, you deserve only the best things to celebrate in for your big day.

Vintage Gowns

Sandra is one renowned name in the Australian bridal gown market. She is the designer behind the powerhouse Elvi Design. Established in 2011, Sandra’s team provides their clients with custom-made gowns and their speciality is creating bridal gowns with vintage style.

Elvi Design takes inspiration from black and white photographs, selected natural floral patterns and the fine details of antique crockery. Being a celebrated fashion house, Elvi Design continues to be featured in bridal magazines and publications like White Magazine, Nouba, Vintage Bride, and Style Me Pretty, among others.

Romantic Gowns

If you need a bridal gown that fuses vintage and contemporary designs, then you’d definitely find the works of Cathleen Jia appealing to your senses. The Melbourne-based designer is an expert when it comes to creating timeless designs for the stylish and modern brides.

Using sheer fabrics and manipulating flowing silhouettes, Cathleen creates bridal gowns that are gorgeous, comfortable, and classic.

Instagram-worthy and Pinterest Famous

Grace Loves Lace is a sought-after brand name for rare wedding dresses. Their designs not only look good on their models, but they are also really gorgeous on real brides.

The uniqueness of the designs offered by Grace makes it the most pinned bridal gown designs on the planet. Pictures of her works are all on Instagram and Pinterest and are shared thousands of times on social media. Her gowns are designed and handcrafted in Australia while using products sourced from all over Europe. Silk and lace remain to be the signature materials used by the design house. Brides wearing her gowns would look stylish, romantic and even a bit sexy, while walking down the aisle.

High Fashion and Luxurious Gowns

Of all the designers in the country, one name really stands out not only in the Australian bridal market but also on the international stage. The brand name JASONGRECH has become synonymous with high-fashion, elegance and luxurious bridal gowns that women all over the world continue to dream of. As a sought-after talent around the globe, A-list celebrities in Hollywood have asked him to dress them up. Whether it is a fully beaded gown or an ultra-chic and flowing dress that you want, Jason Grech can always deliver through his creativity.

A visionary talent, Jason’s love for fashion was ignited when he received formal training in 1997. His delicately embroidered work is a testament to his innovative design and impeccable taste in creating couture gowns. From red carpet gowns to pure luxurious bridal dresses, he delivers every client’s dream with the highest quality. With all the stunning pieces he has created, it is no wonder that Jason and the house of JASONGRECH have become a formidable force in the fashion industry. His name is celebrated as one of the stellar geniuses in the city.

Influencing the Fashion Landscape

For more than a decade now, Jason and his dynamic brand set the local fashion landscape of Australia. He attracts clients from all over the world and celebrities are more than willing to fly to the country just to have their fitting for their elegant dress. Other than making use of the ideas of his clients, he draws inspiration from the streets of Melbourne and from the different places he sets his foot in. His keen eyes for details and his love for fashion allow him to see beauty in some of the mundane things. He then uses his imagination and creativity to construct something breathtaking.

Fusion of Common Ideas with Fine Details and Delicate Embroideries

From what we fail to see, Mariana Hardwick is able to conceive a creative mixture of textures and tones. She is able to marry common ideas with fine detailing and delicate embroideries. With the help of her team, she can come up with a show-stopping artwork that never misses to make it to the pages of fashion magazines. She ceaselessly delivers couture bridal wear year after year that she has already become an icon in the global bridal wear industry. Other than beautifying the bride, Mariana can also deliver the best for the bride’s entourage so the couple can achieve their dream wedding.

Storyboard of Ideas

Sarah Burton and her brand “Alexander McQueen”  like to get their clients involved in the creative process. Through her consultation sessions, she can explore ideas and present designs to her customers. She will let her creativity play around what her clients would like to have custom-made. Other than the concept, she will, together with her clients, explore the details of the gown, which would include picking the right beads to use, the Swarovski crystals to embellish and the accessories to complement the design. What she is offering is not only a unique work of art but also the opportunity for anyone to get involved in the creation of a masterpiece.

If you are looking for that one of a kind dress for your wedding day, you can always expect to get your dream become true from the above list. Get in touch with any of them and be amazed at how he or she wields the creativity to transform the way you look on your big day.


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