Why Shapewear Camis & Tanks Are A Bonus?

Shapewear camisoles, also called the shapewear camis, have taken the fashion world by storm, and it’s clear to see why. When you have this shapewear on, it’s like someone has ironed you out and smoothened every lump in your body. It works well that several Hollywood celebrities have also gotten into the shapewear craze to look great on the red carpet. Because of its popularity, you will now find a seemingly endless array of shapewear camis in different fabric and styles. So how do you figure out the right one? Read on to find out more about the shapewear cami as well as some tips on how to choose the correct fit.

What Is a Shapewear Cami/tank top?

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Aside from the shapewear cami, you will find several other styles of shapewear. There’s the corset style shapewear, bodysuits, waist cinchers, and many more. But what is a shapewear cami and how does it differ from the rest?
From the name itself, the shapewear cami is a camisole, an undergarment that’s worn to cover the top part of the body. Just like the other types of shapewear, the shapewear cami helps to smoothen out your body, most specifically the upper area, thus, your tummy will look flat when you wear your dress on.
The shapewear camis are more comfortable to wear as compared to a full body control shapewear. They are a great choice if you are wearing a tight fitting dress that’s tight at the top and flared at the bottom. Shapewear camis also work great with a fitted top and can be worn along with jeans, trousers or skirt.

Current Trends in Shapewear Camis & Tanks

As mentioned, you’ll find that there are now plenty of shapewear camis in different styles and fabric. Bfree, an Australian brand has shapewear made of natural bamboo fibre for ultimate comfort. View collection to check out the latest trends that will transform your physique.

Open-Bust Cami– this shapewear is made from a comfortable, lightweight and double layer fabric. The first layer has a 360-degree shaping power while the second layer helps to conceal the lumps and bumps. Since it has an open bust design, you are free to wear your bra to go with this cami.

Convertible Cami – this shapewear cami has the best base layer ever. It’s made from fabric that has enhanced breathability, excellent absorbency, and high wicking. The shapewear also comes with convertible and adjustable straps, and thus, you can wear it in several different ways, and in whatever style you feel comfortable.

Waist Cincher Top – this body-shaping top acts as a waist cincher through its powerful microfiber fabric. It also features flexible boning on its sides, which aims to flatten the tummy while also providing a free and comfortable fit.

In + Out Tank – this is a body smoothing top that you can wear in any season and is a wardrobe favourite. You can wear it on its own in summer or wear a blazer over it during winter! This body-shaping camisole is truly versatile.

Tips When Buying the Shapewear Cami

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Aside from the shapewear cami mentioned above, several other styles are worth checking out. So how do you decide which shapewear will work best for your body? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Whether you buy online or from a store, make sure you choose something that fits you right. A quick waist and hip measurement can significantly help in making sure that you are buying the right size. It’s essential that you are realistic about your size. Choosing a smaller size does not mean you can fit yourself into a more modest dress. The primary purpose of the cami is to help smoothen out the lumps of your body, giving you a sleeker and sexier silhouette.
  • Choose medium constriction for smooth lines – if the shapewear you plan on buying did not indicate the performance level on its tag, it would be best to check the clothing label. Remember that the higher the nylon content, the more that the garment can help to alter your shape. Choose the medium constriction for smooth and lump-free lines. On the other hand, go for active compression if you want a total figure transformation.
  • Choose cotton blend shapewear that will keep you fresh – most shapewear camis are made of spandex and nylon, and these are synthetic fabrics that do not breathe. They are great for colder climates, however, during the warmer months, these fabrics will make you sweat more. Thus, if you are going to wear the camisole during the warmer months, opt for summer shapewear that is made of cotton. These fabrics are breathable and have moisture absorption feature, allowing you to stay cool even during the warm weather.

    Why Choose the Shapewear Cami

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    As mentioned, there are several different styles and designs of shapewear that you’ll find being sold nowadays. But of all these, it is the shapewear cami that is often the most popular. There are many reasons why a lot of women would choose the shapewear cami over other types of shapewear.

    First of all, the number one spot that women would like to cover is their tummy. The shapewear camis are aimed at flatting the tummy area, which is why it is perfect if you are wearing tight dresses or top. Also, the shapewear cami looks just like a regular camisole so it’s not only an undergarment for it can be shown and worn just like a regular top. You can wear it along with a pair of jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, or anything you want.
    So if you are looking for shapewear that provides excellent tummy control and can help with bust support as well, the shapewear cami would be perfect. It helps you to look and feel good about yourself, regardless of your size. Since it is very versatile, you can wear it for any occasion, and at any season you want to.
    Hopefully, the tips above can help you in choosing the shapewear cami that can work best for your body. Regardless of the style that you’ll go for, just make sure it’s something that makes you feel comfortable.