The Crown War

The Australian design industry hit the headlines as a result of a controversy brought about by two gold crowns, one produced by Jeanette Maree and the other by Viktoria Novak. The head crown, which was the season’s top racing look had an almost a similar look which made Novak take to Instagram to accuse Jeanette of stealing her idea. How true is this? Let’s find out……
Jeanette Maree who is a renowned Australian Bridal designer has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, and her designs portray a person who is attentive to detail, experienced, and passionate. Besides the contested gold crown, Jeanette has made impressive masterpieces for bridal parties, dinner dates, tea parties and even personalized pieces for renowned individuals.
The gold crown made by Jeanette is just one among the many impressive pieces she has made that won her numerous awards. To prove just how committed to her work, Jeanette did not trade words with Novak, and instead, she uploaded an image of her workshop and raw materials which is an indication of just how mature and committed she is to her work.The gold crow made by Jeanette has a theme of Roses whereas Victoria’s crown has a theme of leaves. The only similarity between the crowns is the shape which is not a proof that Jeanette copied her design. Anyone can make a creation that similar in shape to a particular brand and do it in his unique way. It could be right to say that this was mere coincident where both designers came up with a crown that shaped in the same way.

Jeanette Maree & Victoria's photo

By taking a close look at both crowns, you will clearly see the outcome of a creative brain in Jeanette’s masterpiece which does not in any way look like a copy of Viktoria’s crown. A copy would definitely have similar features and design which is definitely not the case here. The gold finish, as well as the metal used in Jeanette’s crown, is also different which puts the credibility of Viktoria’s allegations in doubt.

Customers reviews on Jeanette’s creations

Steph Keogh says he loves Jeanette’s jewellery collection to fit the style of each individual even for those who are not sure of what they want on those special occasions. The attention given by the customer service representatives is an indication that every department in Jeanette’s bridal design company is keen to offer the very best.

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Sierra is another customer who closely followed the allegations aired by Viktoria says that what transpired was an issue of similar thinking by great minds in the fashion industry. She is of the opinion that shape is no one’s copyright and both pieces are original in their way.
Jeanette’s target market is usually bridal parties, and her company is ranked as the top brand in Australia. The company has an extensive online collection where they sell all bridal accessories including earrings, bridal shoes, evening bags, dress trims, bracelets, among others.
Australia is home to some jewellery designers who have also impacted the market. Some of these are Stephanie Browne, Sarah $ Sebastian, Reliqua, Natasha Schweitzer, Holy Ryan, Dinosaur Designs, Christie Nicolaides, and Tania Maras.

Despite being a force to reckon with globally, the Australian fashion industry is never short of controversies. One of the top designers Alannah Hill stepped away from a brand that she launched eighteen years ago. The top-rated designer had been working with the renowned Factory X that is headed by Heeney which has financially backed her brand for the last sixteen years.

Factory X will still operate all the 42 stores owned by Alannah Hill, but the designer says that she will not be designing nor having any form of input on the brand bearing her name. She has not given any reasons for this decision and would not also comment on the same saying that it is a delicate legal matter.
Alannah Hill has further clarified that this is not a break from the industry and neither is she going on holiday. She will still be creating more designer labels which according to her will radiate joy and bring transformation both in life and in the fashion industry.
What waits to be seen is how this controversy between the girlish Allanah hills, who has never stepped out without makeup and the famous Factory X goes. The best news, however, is that you will not have to look for another designer if Alannah Hill is your favourite designer! She will still be designing and what waits to be seen is whether she will open other chains of stores now that she can no longer have anything to do with her 42 stores run by Factory X.

Top designers like Stephanie Browne have seized this opportunity to provide exclusive, original jewellery, especially focused on handmade earrings and wedding crowns.  They sell their authentic high-end design for quite a reasonable price. Whether you know exactly what you want to buy or you need help to select what will go well with your occasion, the Australian fashion industry is never short of labels that will make you stand out. The designers have opened stores online which make it possible to shop from any location around the world and get the goods delivered to you.
The Australian Fashion industry is made vibrant by the way the people live, always in a celebratory mood. This means that most Australians will always be dressed up and this has created a lucrative business opportunity for the fashion designers.
You have to search any Australian label you are looking for, and you will get all you want in a click. With the new young and vibrant designers who are following up on the likes of Jeanette Maree, you will get better designs, and due to the stiff competition, you will never get an Australian design that has been compromised. Instead, the design industry will keep getting better and more sophisticated.

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