What are bike frames made of?

People are fond of biking, and they find it an excellent way to exercise and stay fit. Cycling can also be a fun leisure activity that you can do with friends and family. You can cruise around your local parks, and you won’t have to spend too much on your bike. Cycling as a sport has grown over the years and manufacturers came up with different kinds of designs and styles, including mountain bikes and cruisers. Serious cyclists spend more money on their bikes that they can use for a creek crossing, jumping and hill biking.

If you are considering buying a bike, you need to know what kind of activity you will be using it. Many retailers can help you find the right one for you to enjoy your cycling activity even more. There are smaller units that come in 14-inch frames for children an there are 22-inch frames that are meant for adults. You also have the option to buy second-hand bikes to save some money and if you do not have the budget for a more expensive bicycle. Tandem bikes are also gaining popularity, and it is mostly purchased by recreational riders wherein two people can ride together in one unit.

Bicycles that are custom-built are not uncommon since people have different preferences. These kinds of bikes are specially made for all types of terrain, and you can use it for road and mountain riding. Mountain bikes are popular with off-road riders, and they are made especially for dirt trails, and it can take the abuse of riding through rocks and jumping. These kinds of bikes have shock absorbers on both the rear and the front part, and the frame is very sturdy that it can withstand any abuse in riding any environment. Road bikes have a more lightweight structure, and they are built to ride for long distance biking. These kinds of bikes are best ridden on smooth pavement.

Most bike manufacturers make different kinds of bike frames, including steel, carbon, aluminium, titanium and even magnesium. Let’s have a look at their advantages when used as bike frames.



Steel is the oldest material that was used for bike frames. In the past days, steel bike frames are hefty, but today they weigh less because of technological progress. Steel bike frames are more difficult to make which makes it more expensive depending on the tubing used in manufacturing it. The joints of these bikes are more resistant since they are more durable.

Steel framed bikes are very heavy, and they have a high chance of rusting if they are not appropriately treated. They can get rusty if you do not take care of it and if you leave it out in the rain. It can also bend and deform thus affecting the performance of the bicycle.

The advantages of having steel framed bicycles are that they are more durable. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are that they are more expensive compared to the aluminium framed bikes. Some of the best models include Bombtrack Hook EXT and Colnago Master X-Light.


Aluminium is more comfortable compared to steel, and it makes the bike more shock resistance because of its weight. This is the reason why this is most commonly used materials in building bikes. These kinds of bikes come in various price ranges. Just like steel, there are different kinds of qualities of aluminium tubing. One of the downsides of aluminium frames is that it can develop stress cracks over time and since it has a limited fatigue life.

For those bikers who ride hard, they seldom make use of aluminium framed bikes because it can shorten the lifespan of the bicycle. Aluminium is a soft metal, and this is the reason why the tubes used on the bikes are somewhat oversized to have more strength. I can also lead to a harsher ride, and it can lead to fatigue and discomfort when you engage in long trips. Since aluminium can be welded, it is best used for full suspension and road bikes. Some of the best brands are Trek and Mason Cycles.

Carbon Fiber

Caron fibre s a composite material which is a woven fabric moulded with high-tech plastic. Since it can behave, however, it is manufactured and engineered. Carbon fibre frames are designed to have a stiff torsion to give more comfort to the rider. The options and availability of shapes of carbon fibre frames are limitless. Just like aluminium, carbon fibre frames are best used for mountain bikes, and it is probably the best choice when it comes to performance. It is lightweight and can provide maximum power transfer while providing a smooth riding experience.

The downside of carbon fibre frames is the durability of the material and the cost. While it can withstand long rides on smooth surfaces, the carbon fibre tubes cannot withstand hard impacts and can crack. It is recommended to be used for mountain bikes that are ridden on road pavements. Some of the best bikes include 2014 Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber 55CM Bike, Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike, Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike Shimano Sora Silver 50cm and Diamondback 2012.

Titanium C

Titanium C is also a lightweight material for mountain bike frames. If you want an overall performance, then this material is the best choice. Most professional cyclists prefer to use this kind of stuff for their bikes.

Choose the bike based on your activities.

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Each material has its upsides and downsides; the rider should purchase a bike that suits his needs and activities. Different elements of frames provide various levels of performance. The materials also determine the price of the bike. Just always remember that the structure is one of the essential parts of a bicycle ad it should be sturdy to withstand hard bumps and impacts.

You should also choose a frame that is lightweight so that you can enjoy your ride without feeling discomfort and lessen your fatigue. If you are going to use the bike for competition, you should purchase a more expensive one. It is a thing that is worth your investment most especially if you are serious about cycling.

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