Why Standing desk options still a fringe perk in Australian workplace?

Be comfortable to use a Standing desk is when you are on a stool that is high, or you are standing. It is no surprise that the design of the desk is supposed to work that way. Generally, in the past, you would associate the stools with the wealthy people. It was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Many influential people known for using Standing Desks include Albert Camus, Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson among others. These were prolific and the well respected. In the world today they are all over, and in fact, most employees consider it a perk due to the health benefits you get from using the desk.

The office furniture set also comes in varying heights ranging from twenty-eight inches to fifty inches respectively. It should, however, provide some comfort to the person who is using it. You can get others that you can adjust depending on your height. It fits very well to serve every kind of height. All this is to make sure the benefits spread to every user. You may come across such a seat and fail to use it to fit your height. Where do you press for you to use the chair? The chair has points of adjustments at the legs or a specific surface angle. You can also incorporate a platform that could be used to increase the height of the already existent desk.

Why do most of the Australian worker take the presence of standing office as a fringe? Are there some benefits you accrue when you use the desk? Here are some of the benefits of the Standing desk that makes every Australian feels proud to possess in the office.
Standing Desks are available in different types and designs. You can get customised stool according to your instructions. It also depends on the specific tasks you want the seat to serve you. You can use some while standing whereas others can be used while sitting but on high desks. Some standing offices are made with drawers for storage and rails for increasing foot comfort. You can always tailor your office furniture according to your needs, says director Frank Gessler of Home & Office Made Easy, a reputed furniture store.  After all, you spend tons of hours of your week on that desk than you do elsewhere. Visit website for specialized and tailor-made furniture, and over 15 years of expertise in the business.

When you stand for a long time your calories burned. An individual using a Standing Desk can consume an excess of calories ranging from 306 up to 750 in a week given a mean daily standing period of 180 minutes for just five weekdays. This data is from a study in the year 2012. It was comparing young adults who worked while sitting versus those who worked standing.


The Benefits Of Standing Desk

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Standing reduces the risks of getting heart diseases. People who sit for the better part of the day are at the same risk level of contracting heart diseases like those who smoke, as was discovered during a Mayo Clinic study. You can count your self out of killer diseases such as thrombosis and heart attack.

Every person would want to have to have excellent body posture. Your shoulders and neck neither strain nor experience any discomfort hence no headaches. Poor body postures cause strain and resultantly headaches.

They prevent leg pain associated with prolonged sitting. Standing desks, blood stands to flow freely all over your body to include even the legs! All the way to the toes! It is not like in the case of working while sitting, where it gets to the point that the arteries and veins underneath the thighs until you press down so hard that you even begin to feel pain.

Increase productivity at work. With increased blood flow all over the body, oxygen is equally delivered to all muscles in great portions hence increased energy. According to a study done by Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, there can be up to 46% rise in productivity if you work standing.
Considerably delay the process of aging. With Standing Desks, expect a longer life. The human body was not meant for stationery but to be active. Working while standing engages all the body parts positively while reducing risks of exposure to several diseases.
They help in weight reduction. Burning calories that would have instead just lain in your body is the point here. LPL is an enzyme in the human body which works by eliminating fat from blood, but only when the body is active. Prolonged sitting inactivates LPL, hence its inability to perform its duty of fat elimination.
Using Standing Desks is a form of work out in itself. Your body is wholly and actively engaged the whole day, a primary form of exercising. All this is not like in the case of sitting which might even lead to particular body parts sagging like the stomach.
They give the feeling of having power and boosts one’s confidence. According to a study done by Columbia and Harvard University, those who work while standing has a 45% increase in trust during decision making and felt highly robust compared to those who work seated.

Be sure to have less stress. Users of standing desks have reduced stress levels and are profoundly calm. The posture you get here does not allow you to get intimidation. Together with breathing in deeply, makes tension go away.

You bet a better mood. Standing and production of endorphins go hand in hand which works to make you feel nice. Literally, the higher you go, the more relaxed it becomes, from an attitude point of view. Get up and stand up, stand up for your moods!
Spinal health is at its best. With working while standing, no pressure gets on your spine compared to sitting that exerts up to 90% more.
Increased lung capacity. When you use standing desks, your lungs retain the elongated position which ensures more oxygen, resultantly better functioning of your physical and mental beings.

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